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Is Urgent Care The Same As A Walk-in Clinic?

Is Urgent Care The Same As A Walk-in Clinic?

We understand you may be unsure of when to visit an urgent care or a walk-in clinic for your injury or illness; however, we are available when you need us most to help evaluate, diagnose and provide proper treatment to your injury, illness, or pain. For more information, call our team today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH.

Urgent Care Near Me in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH
Urgent Care Near Me in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH

Table of Contents:

What can a walk-in clinic treat?
What is the difference between urgent care and a walk-in clinic?
What to expect at an urgent care?
When should I go to an urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

What can a walk-in clinic treat?

Our walk-in clinic at Northwest Ohio Urgent Care provides healthcare services with a first-come-first-serve notion, or depending on if the injury or illness is extreme, they will be prioritized. A few walk-in clinic services we provide include:

– Injury Treatment
– Illness Treatment
– Laceration Treatment
– Digital X-rays
– Drug Screening and Testing
– Physicals
– Pre-Employment Testing
– Worker’s Compensation

What is the difference between urgent care and a walk-in clinic?

Urgent cares provide services for concerns of a more serious nature, including serious illnesses and serious injuries that are not considered life or limb-threatening, as well as provide laboratory services, drug testing, digital x-rays, and much more. Urgent cares are available to provide urgent medical care to patients while allowing patients to avoid needing to visit an emergency care unit that may result in expensive medical care, as emergency rooms were created as an emergency alternative for life or limb-threatening issues. Urgent cares were created to provide relief from emergency rooms for patients who are experiencing non-life or limb-threatening medical issues.

Walk-in clinics are another alternative, and most walk-in clinics are connected to urgent cares, they provide affordable medical services that most medical care facilities can, and they run off a first-come-first-serve basis, with a focus on “no appointments necessary”. A walk-in clinics’ main goal is to provide convenient and affordable medical care to patients needing it without diminishing the quality care many patients are looking for.

Walk-in clinics focus on providing medical care for services of minor illnesses and injuries, some commonly seen issues at walk-in clinics include fractures, cuts, strep throat, skin conditions, or cold and flu symptoms. Walk-in clinics also provide services for physicals, vaccinations, and rapid COVID-19 testing.

The major benefit of visiting Northwest Ohio Urgent Care is the fact that we provide some of the highest quality care for our patients in the state, providing walk-in or appointment-based services with extended hours, providing relief to many that may be dealing with a minor injury or illness. We are available when your primary care doctor is not, visit us today to experience the difference in quality healthcare.

What to expect at an urgent care?

Northwest Ohio Urgent Care provides quality healthcare and medical services to our patients, a few of the urgent care services we provide include:

– Lacerations
– Burns
– Sprains and strains
– Flu and cold symptoms
– Fractures
– Bites and stings
– Infections
– Rashes
– UTIs
– Bronchitis
– Laboratory testing
– Physicals

We also provide urgent care services for children; our pediatric medical care services include:

– Pink eye treatment
– Strep throat testing and treatment
– Cold and flu treatment
– Nausea treatment
– Skin and rash treatment
– Strain and sprain treatment
– Fracture treatment
– Vaccinations
– Flu shots
– Sports, School and Camp physicals

When should I go to an urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

We can never truly predict if we will need to be seen by a doctor for an injury or illness, as oftentimes these things happen sporadically, and usually at the worst of times. When these situations occur, you are often faced with the decision of going in for treatment or staying home and trying to take care of it yourself. The answer is not always simple, but we hope to help you make an informed decision that may help you with pain or could possibly save your life.

Our urgent care and walk-in clinic deal with a variety of medical problems that need to be treated urgently, some symptoms that are recommended to come in for a visit immediately to our walk-in include:

– Fever with no visible rash
– Vomiting and/or persistent diarrhea
– Abdominal pain
– Dehydration
– Mild to moderate flu-like symptoms
– Sprains, strains, and fractures
– Cuts or lacerations that may require stitches
– Wheezing and/or shortness of breath

If you are dealing with symptoms that you think may need urgent medical attention or could use a walk-in clinic doctor to review, visit Northwest Ohio Urgent Care today! We serve patients from Benore Toledo OH, Reynolds Toledo OH, Perrysburg OH, Monclova OH, Waterville OH, Holland OH, Rossford OH, Bowling Green OH, Haskins OH and Walbridge OH.

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