Travel Immunization and Vaccination Clinic

Many areas you travel to will need to have travel vaccines completed before you can travel. If you are going to travel soon, book your travel vaccine appointment today at NorthWest Ohio Urgent Care. For more information, call us. We have convenient locations to serve you in Toledo, OH, and Maumee, OH.

Travel Immunization and Vaccination Clinic Near Me in Toledo, OH, and Maumee, OH
Travel Immunization and Vaccination Clinic Near Me in Toledo, OH, and Maumee, OH

What vaccines are needed for traveling?

If you plan on traveling, it is best to plan ahead and get the vaccinations that may be required for all countries you and your family want to visit. Protect yourself, your children, and your family when traveling abroad by:

  • Getting all the required vaccinations for all countries you and your family plan to visit
  • Make sure you and your family are up-to-date on all routine US vaccinations
  • Stay informed about any travel notices and alerts that may affect your family’s travel

Routine Vaccines:

  • Chickenpox
  • Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
  • Influenza
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella
  • Polio
  • Shingles
  • COVID-19 (anyone 12 years of age and older should get fully vaccinated before travel)

Optional Vaccines:

  • Hepatitis A (depending where you are visiting)
  • Hepatitis B (depending where you are visiting)
  • Measles (depending where you are visiting)
  • Malaria (depending where you are visiting)
  • Typhoid (depending where you are visiting)
  • Yellow Fever (depending where you are visiting)

When should I get vaccinated before Travelling?

It is highly recommended that you visit your family doctor when you start to plan your trip, as it is important to get vaccinated well in advance. It is highly recommended you get all of your up-to-date vaccinations at least one month before you travel.

The reasons why it is best to get all of your up-to-date vaccines a month before you travel is so:

  • Your body has time to build up an immunity
  • You may need a few weeks to get all of the doses of a vaccine
  • Your primary doctor may not have stock of all the vaccines you need when traveling, or they are low on their vaccine stock
  • Provides you time to prepare for your trip, by getting your vaccines completed early on
  • If the country you are visiting requires a yellow fever vaccine, there are few clinics that carry the vaccine on hand, and will probably be a fair distance from where you currently live. It is necessary you get the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days prior to you leaving on your trip.

Where can I get travel vaccines in Ohio?

Northwest Ohio Urgent Care provides travel vaccines to Ohio from our two locations located in Toledo, OH and Maumee, OH, and surrounding areas.

Toledo, OH – Northwest Ohio Urgent Care is located at:
5911 Benore Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612

Maumee, OH – Northwest Ohio Urgent Care is located at:
1015 Conant St
Maumee, OH 43537

We accept walk-ins and appointments at both locations; however, it is important to remember when it comes specifically to vaccines, it is best if you call ahead to make sure that we have the vaccines you need available, and if we do not, we can gain access to the vaccines you need before you leave.

Northwest Ohio Urgent Care works hard to make sure you do not have to leave town to take care of your health. Visit us today to see why we provide the difference in healthcare.

Will insurance cover vaccines for travel?

Some insurances may pay for travel vaccines; however, it is not guaranteed. It is best and highly recommended if you contact your health insurance provider to be prepared ahead of time to know what is covered, and what is not.

If you are planning on traveling soon or in the future, and are wondering what vaccines need to be completed prior to leaving, call us to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Maumee OH, Toledo OH, Perrysburg OH, Monclova OH, Waterville OH, Holland OH, Rossford OH, Bowling Green OH, Haskins OH, and Walbridge OH.


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