Eye Infection Treatment Q & A

If you are suffering from eye infection, please do not hesitate to contact Northwest Ohio Urgent Care near Bowling Green, OH. We offer effective solutions for eye infection & associated symptoms. Visit us at a location near you today! We serve patients from Maumee OH, Toledo OH, Perrysburg OH, Monclova OH, Waterville OH, Holland OH, Rossford OH, Bowling Green OH, Haskins OH and Walbridge, OH.

Eye Infection Treatment Near Bowling Green, OH
Eye Infection Treatment Near Bowling Green, OH

While eye infections are often not serious medical concerns, they are almost always incredibly uncomfortable and restricting to experience! Whether it feels like someone is continuously poking your eye or as if it is on fire, it makes sense to want to seek urgent treatment so that you can move on with your life. If you cannot make a timely appointment with your primary care provider, we would be happy to help you out at Northwest Ohio Urgent Care! Our board-certified physicians have all of the experience, education, and expertise required to provide first-rate treatment of eye infections.

Can I go to urgent care for eye infection?

An urgent care clinic is a great place to go for an eye infection! With a primary care clinic, you may have to wait until after the weekend or the next available appointment before you can see your doctor about an eye infection. While the emergency room is an alternative in such a situation, you will likely spend a disproportionate amount of time in the ER waiting room if your condition is not critical or life-threatening. You can avoid both scenarios by visiting an urgent care clinic for an eye infection! At Northwest Ohio Urgent Care, we accept same-day, walk-in appointment seven days a week. Moreover, since we reroute all life-threatening medical emergencies to the ER where they can receive sufficient care, we can see patients on a first-come, first-served basis, which significantly reduces the time you spend in our waiting room!

Is there a treatment option for eye infections?

There are numerous treatment options for eye infections, depending on the type and severity of the infected eye! For a bacterial eye infection, which can be caused by sexually transmitted infection, contact with fecal matter, insects, or through poor hygiene, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria and keep it from multiplying. If it is a viral infection, they may prescribe an antiviral medication or let it resolve on its own if it is mild. Antibiotics are not usually necessary for viral infections. Treatment could also include debridement, in which your doctor will lightly brush off your cornea with a cotton-tipped swab to get rid of the infected cells, or a corticosteroid eye drop to relieve inflammation. When you come to Northwest Ohio Urgent Care for eye infection treatment, one of our board-certified physicians will go over all the treatment options for you to consider.

How do you get rid of an eye infection?

The best way to get rid of an eye infection is to make an appointment with your doctor! They can provide you with the necessary resources, treatment, and advice on how to deal with and get rid of your eye infection. If you are unable to make it to a clinic and are looking for some home remedy options, feel free to call us at Northwest Ohio Urgent Care, and we will provide you with expert medical advice!

Can Urgent Care treat eye infections?

They sure can! At Northwest Ohio Urgent Care, our physicians are board-certified in both family and internal medicine. As such, you can trust them to provide expert medical care for any eye infection you experience.

If you are dealing with an eye infection, come to Northwest Ohio Urgent Care for a walk-in appointment! You can find us at 1015 Conant St in Maumee, Ohio. Our doors are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you need weekend aid, our Toledo clinic at 5911 Benore Road is available for walk-in appointments from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays!


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