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Ear Infections Treatment Questions and Answers

Ear infections can get severe and cause lifetime damage, but don’t worry! Treatment is available at Northwest Ohio Urgent Care. Here our dedicated doctors and medical staff will provide comprehensive treatment to relieve your ear pain. For more information, call our team today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH.

Ear Infections Treatment Near Me in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH
Ear Infections Treatment Near Me in Benore Toledo, OH and Reynolds Toledo, OH

Table of Contents:

What causes ear infections?
How do you know if an ear infection is viral or bacterial?
When should I go to the doctor for an ear infection?
What happens if an ear infection is left untreated?

The ears are incredibly important organs that allow us to hear. They are remarkably intricate in design with several interworking parts that enable their function. Listening to our favorite songs, enjoying the sounds of nature, and hearing the coffee brew in the morning would not be possible without our ears, which are only some of the reasons why the health of our ears is so important. Because the ears are sensitive and intricate, they can sometimes be subjected to an infection, which can cause localized pain, abnormal hearing, and internal pressure. Some people are more sensitive and can contract an ear infection more easily, resulting in repeated infections.

What causes ear infections?

An ear infection occurs when either one of the eustachian tubes becomes swollen or blocked, which causes fluid to build up in the middle ear. Eustachian tubes are small vestibules that run from each ear directly to the back of the throat. Causes of eustachian tube blockage include:

– Allergies
– Colds
– Sinus infections
– Excess mucus
– Smoking
– Infected or swollen adenoids
– Changes in air pressure

Because they have short and narrow Eustachian tubes, ear infections occur most commonly in young children. Infants who are bottle-fed also have a higher incidence of ear infections than their breastfed counterparts due to the natural antibodies that are in breastmilk and passed from mother to infant.

Risk factors of developing an ear infection are:
– Altitude changes
– Climate changes
– Exposure to cigarette smoke
– Pacifier use
– Recent illness or ear infection

Common symptoms of ear infections include:
– Mild pain or discomfort inside the ear
– A feeling of pressure inside the ear
– Fussiness in young infants
– Pus-like ear drainage
– Hearing loss

How do you know if an ear infection is viral or bacterial?

Viral and bacterial ear infections have many similarities, but in general, bacterial infections:

– Have symptoms that persist for longer than the expected 10-14 days that a viral infection tends to last
– Have a fever that is higher than one might typically expect from a virus
– Have a fever that gets worse a few days into the illness rather than improving, which is more common in viral infections

The only way to know for sure if an ear infection is caused by a virus or bacteria is to receive a professional medical evaluation.

When should I go to the doctor for an ear infection?

Although most ear infections clear up on their own, they should be evaluated by a medical professional when:

– Symptoms do not improve within three days
– Body temperature rises above 100.4ºF
– Ear infections are being experienced regularly
– Symptoms are present in an infant younger than 6 months
– There is fluid discharge, pus, or blood
– The pain becomes severe

Any other symptoms present themselves, including:

– Vomiting
– Headaches
– A stiff neck
– Drowsiness
– A loss of balance

What happens if an ear infection is left untreated?

If an ear infection is left untreated, it can lead to unnecessary pain and permanent damage, including irreversible hearing loss. Treatment is typically convenient and inexpensive, and when treated, an ear infection typically clears up within a few days.

If you or someone you love is experiencing the symptoms of an ear infection, come to NorthWest Ohio Urgent Care today. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating ear infections and can help you feel better, sooner. We have convenient locations to better serve you: one in Benore Toledo, OH and one in Reynolds Toledo, OH. Benore Toledo, OH residents can call us  to book an appointment, or by visiting our office conveniently located at 5911 Benore Rd, Toledo, OH 43612. Reynolds Toledo, OH residents can book an appointment by calling or by visiting our clinic at 1421 S Reynolds Rd Toledo OH 43615. We serve patients from Benore Toledo OH, Reynolds Toledo OH, Perrysburg OH, Monclova OH, Waterville OH, Holland OH, Rossford OH, Bowling Green OH, Haskins OH and Walbridge OH.

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